November 1/365 My Pittsburgh

My favorite way to enter my favorite city, Pittsburgh: through the Fort Pitt Tunnel, on I-376.

The approach to Pittsburgh from the airport, through clots of ugly suburban sprawl, promises nothing. The interstate flattens out the rough hills, and you drive up a long rise at Greentree, and then down toward the square tunnels cut into the side of an old mountain. The tiles of the tunnel glow yellowish green. Local drivers always, for no reason, brake before the end of the tunnel, before emerging into a world of light, three rivers, jagged skyscrapers, and bridges everywhere.

I have no pictures of this view, but there are plenty online. Here’s a nice assortment. It’s next to impossible to get a good photo from the Fort Pitt Bridge, and most people take the easier Mount Washington vantage point – Mount Washington sits on top of the ridge of land opposite the city, which the tunnel burrows under.


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