November 2/365 Cooke City, MT

There was a buffalo called Herman who walked up and down the Beartooth Highway the summer Rich worked in Cooke City. He had probably wandered up from Yellowstone and had no intention to head back just yet. A solitary bachelor, like many who once worked the abandoned mines which were leaking poisonous chemicals into the Yellowstone watershed. The environmental construction crews gave him wide berth, as they also steered clear of the moose calving on the mountainside and the occasional grizzly or black bear. Herman walked toward Cody at dawn, and then back toward the Colter Pass as evening fell.

Herman, in the morning.

The Soda Butte Lodge has two webcams pointed up and down the main drag through Cooke City. Nothing much is happening today. It’s snowing, but it snows ten months a year at that elevation.


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