November 4/365 Fallingwater, Mill Run, PA

Fallingwater, 2007
Fallingwater, 2007

Today the rain pours down across Pennsylvania, continuing this season of astonishing tropical storms, and I’m sure the roof is leaking, somewhere, in Fallingwater. The relationship of the building to water defines the beauty of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous house. The waterfall beneath will be glorious today, but in some corner of a square window, or a line of the roof, there will be a slow drizzle, water proving yet again that it will find a way in, erode the stone and concrete, and carve the landscape to suit its fancy.



4 thoughts on “November 4/365 Fallingwater, Mill Run, PA

  1. It was on my list to get to if I could have driven to Bloomington: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the way out, Fallingwater on the way back…


  2. Love love love this place. Spent a birthday there (no water running in the house), happened upon it during a strenuous hike with a heavily pregnant friend (didn’t go in, just wandered around), went back with friends not so long ago (water in the house was plentiful).

    Your post is beautiful, as usual.


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