November 6/365 Rehoboth Beach, DE

My honeymoon, May 1982. We were broke, so we stayed at a guest house for a rainy, mildewed week. I learned to play Ms. Pac-Man in an empty arcade.

As that marriage tanked, I spent a bitter April afternoon on the beach with someone I’d never see again. It marked my end of belief.

And the last time, Rich and I drove there as dawn was breaking, just for the day. We were in the sun too long, and drank too much, so I ended up unable to bend my sunburned knees, and vomiting beside the road back to Washington.


6 thoughts on “November 6/365 Rehoboth Beach, DE

  1. I have a fondness for DE, because one of my dear friends lives there, and I used to visit on my business trips to DC. Not the beach though. Clearly, I didn’t miss anything!

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