November 8/365 Lenger Island, Federated States of Micronesia

On February 15, 1944, the bombs rained down on Lenger Island, a volcanic peak poking up in Pohnpei’s lagoon. The craters spot the island, like scars of a childhood disease, now lost in the wrinkles of rainforest. We anchored our boat off the remains of the seaplane dock and set off to see the ruins. Lenger is private land, so permission was required to explore. It didn’t take long to find the skeleton of the aircraft hangar; islanders long ago repurposed the metal skin, leaving the bones and forest to entwine. I only found one cathedral in Micronesia – this one.

Lenger dock
Seaplane dock, Lenger Island
Lenger debris
Something left behind.
The Hangar, Lenger Island
Tree buttresses.
Lenger 3
The Hangar. (Note that our friends give perspective to the height of the roof.)
Lenger 4
Better than a stained glass above the altar.



6 thoughts on “November 8/365 Lenger Island, Federated States of Micronesia

  1. Wow, that is truly spectacular. It should be the subject of a coffee table book.

    And now I need to figure out where Micronesia is and what role it played in the war.

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    • That’s simple. The Japanese invaded and controlled it. The US sunk their fleet in Truk lagoon (now Chuuk), so there’s fantastic, morbid diving there due to all the coral formations on the wrecks. After the war, the US annexed it as a territory, and the islands became an independent (but heavily dependent) country in the late 1980s. Tiny islands covering a vast swath of ocean, just north of the Equator.


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