November 19/365 The Kielbasa Plate

We settled into a booth at Park House. Red Stripe beer was $1.00, and for $2.00 we shared a kielbasa-and-cheese plate, which was exactly as you would expect, tiny slices of sausage and cubes of cheddar, with a mound of crackers. This was Pittsburgh at its best – cheap, real, like home. I’ve looked up the website to view its current incarnation. Falafel, gyros, hummus, and, somehow, pierogies still. I hope that a young couple, dearly in love and living paycheck to paycheck, are sharing a happy hour plate there tonight.


5 thoughts on “November 19/365 The Kielbasa Plate

  1. Wonderful. What was the name of the restaurant? For us it was Del’s in Bloomfield. We stopped the restaurant about 5 years ago and it had been transformed into a modern diner. Our server told us it had been featured on “Restaurant Impossible.” I looked it up and watched the episode and saw that it had been deemed truly impossible. It closed down in 2015.

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