November 20/365 Overland Park, KS

Stealing from Gertrude Stein: there is no there there.

Blond houses swirl out from fronds of cul-de-sacs. Three car garages, vinyl fences, those silly little pointed evergreen shrubs. Everything taller than the sod is pruned and surrounded by tinted mulch. Once this was open land, and after the oak and hickory were felled, the little bluestem grasses grew up to five feet tall. Blue bell flowers, cone flowers, paint brushes, thistle – raggedy, buzzing, dripping-with-life flowers.

Then, this was a place.


2 thoughts on “November 20/365 Overland Park, KS

  1. I never really thought about what was there before houses where I lived, but then the farmland around my hometown began to become subdivisions and that broke my heart. Now I think about what was there/here before.


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