November 21/365 Harper’s Ferry, WV

For a stretch of years, we often visited Harper’s Ferry. Bob and Etta Mae ran a B&B overlooking the Potomac. Their house was a contemporary multilevel built into the hillside. The lower two floors were the bits rented out – two bedrooms with private baths separated by a common area with hot tub and wood stove. Bob grew Paulownia trees, and their young stalks covered the hillside. We always coordinated our visit with friends – Tim and Kate, or Marie and John.*

Eventually, Bob and Etta Mae sold out and moved to Texas. We haven’t been back to Harper’s Ferry since.

PhotoScan (12)
Kim, Kate, Tim, and Rich on The View’s front porch
PhotoScan (13)
Kate and Rich, The View
PhotoScan (14)
Marie and Kim, coffee on the patio

* I’m not really a B&B sort of traveler and hate meeting strangers before breakfast or when relaxing in a hot tub. Vacationing with friends solved everything.


4 thoughts on “November 21/365 Harper’s Ferry, WV

  1. Ah, the View! I stopped in Harper’s Ferry for the first time in years on a recent MD trip. June 30, heat wave. These days there is a faraway Visitors Center, where you park and take a bus. It’s a good idea, it’s so crowded. (And check out my high-waisted jeans!)

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