November 23/365 My Place

I have trouble keeping my place.* I tend to speak up at inopportune moments, blurting out something uncomfortable. I often cry when trying to say something important, which makes everyone look away, at clocks and phones. I sense comedy when I shouldn’t, and laugh too loud. It is best, you will agree, that I avoid situations when proprieties are important.

* I know this concept seems dated, and I don’t really mean “place” as class designation, but rather as socially appropriate behavior. I am always the wild boar in the china shop. No diplomatic posts for me!


3 thoughts on “November 23/365 My Place

  1. I sometimes wish I could do this a bit more easily. And you might be amused that I know some very successful diplomats who have said the wrong things at the wrong time. I get emotional when I’m angry. It infuriates me! Sob.

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