November 28/365 College Hunting

Duncan thought he wanted to go to a college in Maine, so off we went in search of the perfect SLAC.* At Colby, the cheerful young guide said “awesome” too much, and there was something that set us off about the campus. Bowdoin positively glowed with New England essence, but every student we met was type A to a scary degree. At Bates, the young guide entertained us with free-wheeling ideas, such as starting a Viking House (complete with braided beards and building long boats) and we fell love with the school instantly. It was the only college that didn’t accept my boy.

* Small Liberal Arts College


4 thoughts on “November 28/365 College Hunting

    • The silver lining – Duncan thought he wanted to major in biochemistry during the college search, but he changed over to math & computer science early in his first semester. Bates did not have computer science. So now my incredibly happy and employed son is better off because Bates did not love him enough!

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