December 1/365 Happy Things

Our house is blessed. We adopted a “bonded pair” of cats three years ago, with no planning. Rich claims that I didn’t even warn him, which is mostly true. Seneca and Opal arrived, our furry Yin and Yang, the best of friends. Never were ears cleaner, or purrs louder.

snuggling 3
No basket is too small.

Then Rufus arrived, this time with every human on board concerning the adoption. A skinny pup standing in the center of our circle, bravely wagging his thin tail. And life was good…until I got crazy and twisted arms so we could adopt Miss Sabine. Only Conor was sure this was a good idea. Now my two brindle dogs, my ink accident (Rufus) and bleach spill (Sabine), sleep curled into one another. Rufus, always the sweetest one, says she smells terrific. She watches him through wise amber eyes, and accepts his adoration.

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6 thoughts on “December 1/365 Happy Things

    • That is a decision I cannot make, even though having them does curtail our ability to travel easily. The empty corners of our house unnerve me without cats and dogs. I almost lost my bearings when my beloved dog Bernard died, right after we lost our ancient cat Willow. Less that three days later, Opal and Seneca came to us, and I could feel at home again. (I am clearly a basket case, however, and there are times I think that everything would be easier without so many needy souls to care for!)


  1. Your pets are lovely – one in particular though I’m not going to say which one. I’ve been know to say there will be no more pets after the 2 dogs we now have, but I have doubts that I will be able to keep to that decision.

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