December 7/365 Happy Things

We are a nation of idiots.

I’ve grown used to wearing that motto, etched in scarlet, around my neck, especially when speaking with enlightened outsiders. Shame etches deeply into my heart.

So it was with great joy, and momentary relief, that I stumbled upon videos by a British journalist, James O’Brien, whose call-in radio show/podcast on LBC, appears to exist partly to make me feel better. You see, we aren’t the only nation of idiots! He’s in the trenches with the Brexiteers, much as we are with the Trumpers. So while America goes to hell, I can at least take some solace that the country of Shakespeare, Newton, and Churchill is also chock full of fools.


4 thoughts on “December 7/365 Happy Things

  1. I watch John Oliver and am reminded of this. People who voted for brexit who thought it was something else. Who think they were tricked. Fools.


  2. I agree. My only consolation about our country is the fact that Great Britain is going through Brexit. Not that it makes me happy — it just makes me glad we are not alone.


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