December 22/365 Happy Things

I am finally reading Good Omens. I like the idea of the ultimate Good Cop/Bad Cop duo of an angel and a demon, working together to delay the end times. The problem is that I’m reading the book right before falling asleep, and I’m making such slow progress because I’ve been pretty spent each night.

I did get to the point when the Spawn of Lucifer, who has been misplaced due to human error, and raised as a normal child, has named his Hell Hound “Dog.” It’s endearing that this magically causes the HH to take on characteristics of a real dog, thus undermining much of the point of being a HH. This caused me to fantasize for a moment that we could just rename a whole bunch of horrible powers in our current world, to morph their energies into good.

ICE agents become Icing agents, spreading sweetness around our borders.

Police Departments become Polite Departments.

White supremacists become whale supremacists – which makes more sense, if you think about brain size, after all.

If only.


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