December 23/365 Puzzling Things

The young woman was standing near the shopping carts at Aldi’s but not moving toward them. Her face looked drawn and sad, so I found myself asking her, “Are you okay?”

She blinked and said, “I just woke up.”

I quickly responded, “I debated if you were sad or tired, and just felt I should ask.”

Then I latched my cart into the chain of carts, pulled out my quarter, and walked away. She probably thought I was a crazy woman who routinely butts into other people’s lives.

I never do that. I travel among people in my private bubble. Oh, I smile and say hello, because lord knows upstate people are raised to do that instinctually. I also hold doors and elevators, help with baby strollers, and get items off tall shelves for elderly shoppers. But I never tempt disaster by showing concern, intruding upon someone else’s privacy, without being invited.

I wonder why I did today, and what about this woman made it seem necessary to me.


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