A Postscript To This 365-Day Project

If you have arrived here, and wonder what this project was about, here’s the scoop: a group of writers vowed to write (or vowed to try to write) daily, agreeing upon monthly topics, and sometimes working within restricted forms and wordcounts. We started on January 1, 2018, with a serial story. The sidebar breaks down the monthly challenges. There are also links there to the other bloggers’ pages.

I would suggest that you continue reading, if you want to, by forcing the blog to revert to chronological order (WordPress’s formatting has to be worked around!). Simply hit this link, and you should find yourself back in January, starting at the beginning, ready to follow the journey. You can also link to individual months, reordered chronologically, in the sidebar.



2 thoughts on “A Postscript To This 365-Day Project

  1. Your son is a genius! I have added a link to my sidebar to revert to chronological order too. Tell him thanks! (I assume, since you said you were going to ask him, he is the one who came up with the work-around).

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  2. Yes, he did! The only problem I ran into was the months that I lagged behind, and so I fiddled the dates a bit so that the months would stay together. (It is so wonderful having two techie sons, since something in my brain totally refuses to absorb any tech information!)


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