January 25/365

Mary Margaret looked at the state-of-the-art walker parked by her desk. “A resurrection?”

“It is time, Pog. Get home.”

“I’m fine, Nann, really.”

“Who says we’re talking about you?”

The taxi driver lifted her bag out of the trunk as she shifted her weight onto the walker. “I’ll get this to the door for you,” he said, sprinting ahead of her. Her walker tilted over the frost-heaved sidewalk, and the wheels caught in the cracks. As she reached the front door, it opened, and a tall young man held it for her.


3 thoughts on “January 25/365

  1. Curious what the condition is. It’s poignant to think of Nann, who has watched a daughter go through this, and is now watching a grand daughter. I wonder if she watched her mother go through it too.


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