February 7/365 Pen

A SARASA 0.5mm black gel ink pen. The company logo is actually written SΛRΛSΛ, a word best attempted when drunk, and on an SNL sketch. Don’t try to substitute a Zebra pen, even though that is the parent company. And don’t even consider a 0.7mm. Just flick off the red plastic guard covering the ballpoint tip, and get some words out.


7 thoughts on “February 7/365 Pen

  1. I’m confused about the advice to get one and avoid the other: I just googled “Sarasa” and all the options at Staples are “Zebra Sarasa Pens”???


    • Zebra makes the Sarasa pens, but also makes a much easier to find, and gloopy Zebra gel pen. I have to order the Sarasa pens online because even Staples doesn’t carry the 0.5mm variety. So as long as Sarasa is in the description, you probably have found the right one.


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