February 11/365 Jazz Impressions

I found the album in the cut-out bin in the middle of the Woolworth’s store in Nyack. “Jazz Impressions of Japan” by the Dave Brubeck quartet. It was 1978. I knew nothing of jazz, nothing of Brubeck, nothing of Desmond. I played the album for Vara, sitting in warm islands of lamp light and sipping red wine. Her dark eyes shone.


10 thoughts on “February 11/365 Jazz Impressions

  1. I love this album. I just said to Tim last night when we were playing Brubeck that anytime I hear Brubeck, I want to throw my bra onstage (will attempt to find explanatory links). And maybe Susan will tell you about Desmond.

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    • And now I’ve read something finer than anything I’ve written today. My god, woman, you soared! “I am happy in unrequited awe, which I have perfected in my love for birds and their songs and their fierceness.” Perfect.


  2. What Indigo means is that I used to live next door to Paul Desmond (on the 21st floor of a Midtown apartment building). We survived the Great Northeast Blackout of 1965 together. Lovely man. I was happy to read your entry. Who is Vara? Did I skip something by mistake?


    • Vara. She was a wild child of Manhattan, the daughter of a composer and an artist. Back in the day, she dropped out of school, went to Woodstock (she’s in the movie, fleetingly), hopped on a bus heading to a commune in New Mexico (I think)…and after all that she helped navigate my first two years of college. She teaches at a university in Connecticut, an expert in all things Virginia Woolf.


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