June 25/365 Little Girls

Gigglers. Sister-huggers. “Twirl me fast like the time I threw up!” Shrieks of laughter rising through mezzo range. Ariana and Tasha dance through Mary’s living room, slender, sun-browned girls, aged nine and six. They twine around Mary; Ariana holds her hand and Tasha squeezes her face, steals her sunglasses, and mimics Mary’s laugh.

Girls. What would I do with girls? I’ve always deflected with this question, me, the mother of boys. What would I do with girls?

Dance. Sing. Weave flowers in their hair, and trace our faces with war paint. Twirl them so fast that the tire swing blasts into hyperspace. And laugh until we are rolling on the sweet June clover, holding our sides, tears running off our faces, until “Enough! Enough!” is all we can say.

But I did not have girls.


8 thoughts on “June 25/365 Little Girls

  1. This is beautiful but made me a bit teary. I am one of three girls. My sister had three girls. I always wanted girls. I don’t know what I would have done with boys.

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    • I was also one of three girls. And when I found out my first child was a boy, I thought “Oh Shit! What do you do with boys?” He taught me, and then I changed to be a champion of boys. But spending time with little girls reminds me of the things I’ve missed as well.

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