May 10/365 Coffee With Friends

The Village Hotel clung to the edge of the highland overlooking mangroves and the lagoon. Expats loved the view and the locally sourced cuisine. I sat with Carol one morning in the open dining room, breakfast over, our coffee cups cold. This was good for the gecko who dropped in. (Reminder: thatched roofs are habitats.)

village hotel
Restaurant at the Village Hotel, Pohnpei, 1987
View toward Kolonia, from Village Hotel, 1987

10 thoughts on “May 10/365 Coffee With Friends

  1. I had to look up Pohnpei as I’d never heard of it–and know little of Micronesia beyond its name. Were you vacationing there? It looks idyllic. I assume the gecko literally dropped in.


  2. Oh dear, I’m hoping the gecko survived. And yes, it looks idyllic. I’m now thinking that we need to plan bloggers’ meet-ups at Susan’s, in a cafe in Wellington, and in the restaurant of the Village Hotel in Pohnpei.


    • The gecko hit the coffee, slipped up the side of the cup, looked us over, and skittered across the table and out of sight. It was an elegant place to eat dinner, until a rat or lizard would fall from the ceiling. Then all the resident cats would race into the room to chase the interloper. Dinner and entertainment.

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  3. I like geckos too. I have a gecko necklace from Spain and a gecko pin from South Africa, both silver, and both gifts that I cherish.


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