May 17/365 Green Corn Tamales

El Bravo employs a magic woman in the kitchen. Perhaps she is someone’s grandmother, whose strong brown fingers trick the flour dough to become tortillas so thin that light passes through. And the tamales! Masa blended with fresh corn, encasing a blaze of pork and chili, steamed in green leaves. She is a magic woman.



4 thoughts on “May 17/365 Green Corn Tamales

    • I’ve made regular tamales many times, but never braved the green corn variety. But it’s one of those labor intensive foods, like making spring rolls or pierogis, that really requires many hands around the work table. Road trip? Come and make tamales in Swiftwater this summer!

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  1. I love tamales a lot. I’d love to make them, but I thought they were extremely labor intensive and you had to have all your female relatives over for the whole day cooking and gossiping.


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