May 19/365 The Strip District: La Nonna

The Pennsylvania Macaroni Company’s cheese counter was ruled by a wizened man with thick glasses and three hairs combed over his mostly bald head. If a customer hesitated he’d yell “You don’t know what you want?!” One day he stepped in front of the counter, and I saw that her apron covered a flowered housedress.

PA Macaroni


8 thoughts on “May 19/365 The Strip District: La Nonna

  1. Yes! The bald lady at the cheese shop! We shopped in the Strip district every Saturday from summer of ’81 through summer of ’85. We always go there when we visit Pittsburgh.

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    • We shopped there from ’88 until ’98. I remember that you needed to order in nothing smaller than one pound increments for most cheeses or you would incur her wrath!


  2. I was thinking “he” was the cheese version of Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi, bu then I read on. Clever the way you did that. Where is the Strip District?


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