May 20/365 The Strip District: Coffee

Outside Prestogeorge’s shop sat a big peanut roaster; you could smell it a block away. Long before Starbucks changed our dialog about coffee, Prestogeorge roasted fine beans from every coffee-growing region on the planet. I loved the Ethiopian Yirgachefe beans, so tiny and perfect. But why the peanut roaster, when coffee smells so much better?


5 thoughts on “May 20/365 The Strip District: Coffee

  1. That’s a very good question. I adore the smell of coffee, probably even more than the taste. My husband detests it though, which is why I don’t have a coffee maker at home.


  2. If I could find a coffee-scented perfume that would become my signature fragrance.

    And I echo (loudly) Indigo’s comment.


  3. I like the smell of coffee too. Wish I could drink more of it. Helen, wearing coffee perfume you’d probably attract a large number of . . . um . . . interesting admirers.


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