May 23/365 Loathing

Beets taste like damp earth. I am not fooled by their beautiful color, leaching through the rings of flesh to a solid core. If you cut them, do they not bleed? These are not simple radish kin, though you could think that from photographs. No. Beets defeat me. Even the smell sickens. Take them away.



5 thoughts on “May 23/365 Loathing

  1. But they look so beautiful!! My husband hates them. I like them. A Kiwi burger with beetroot is hard to turn down. Occasionally I decide to roast them as part of a roast vege salad. And we call them beetroot here, and mostly have the dark red variety.


  2. Beet lover here. But apparently the haters can convert–at least my son did. He disliked them growing up, but now he grows them himself and enjoys them. Great photo!


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