August 11/365 Who’s Your Dada?

I assumed that a Trumpian news lead would lend itself to the absurdity of dada. I was right. But there is a logistical problem with retrieving all the little chopped up words: the longer ones all get pulled from the bag first. That leaves the poem sputtering out articles and prepositions at the end…a true dada moment. The line breaks were determined by plain white bits of paper. When I pulled one, that created the end of a line. The lines were enormous and wouldn’t work in this blog format. So the indents are the continuations of the lines.



4 thoughts on “August 11/365 Who’s Your Dada?

  1. Great idea to use a Trumpian news lead. And I like Mali’s comment. (Sorry, I’m still sleepy and haven’t had my first cup of coffee yet, so am not very articulate–although hopefully more so than a Dadaist poem.)


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