October 22/365 The Bottom?

For two years, I have found myself almost daily saying, “That’s the worst. That’s got to be the bottom.” And each time I was wrong. Today’s sure-fire, can’t-be-beat lowest of the lows: more bombs in the mail intended for enemies of the President while the President blames the media for causing hatred and division. I shiver to think what will pop up to surprise us tomorrow, if we have the ability to be really surprised any more. I’m also waiting for the bomb the police have not found yet, the one that will be waiting for someone, perhaps left on a door step, and a child will touch it. Yes, a child will reach to turn it over to see what it is, because that’s what children do. And the person who put the bomb together, who licked the stamps and typed the address, won’t give a damn about that collateral damage.


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