December 2/365 Happy Things

Mary called yesterday. When I answered she said, “Will you, can you, come out to play? We can climb up your pine tree.” We laughed together, two friends for over half a century, and talked about dismal knees and aging parents. I so want to end up as next door neighbors again before our end, so that when we are truly old women, we can sit on the porch and make each other laugh. Tree climbing will be taboo, however.

Kim and Mary

4 thoughts on “December 2/365 Happy Things

  1. I do have friends—one in particular—who thinks we old lady friends need to buy property together for our last years and take care of each other.

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  2. I like this idea but I have only one friend from my early years and we only just reconnected a couple of years ago.

    That photo of you looks so much like a photo of me at that age. I swear we are related.

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