May 4/365 The Perfect Sandwich

A ripe summer tomato, sliced, preferably still warm from the garden. (My mother would attempt to peel the tomato; not required.)

Two slices of good bread. (Kind is not important; quality, is.)

Hellman’s mayonnaise.

Kosher salt.

Freshly ground pepper.

Napkins or, if possible, room to lean over the kitchen sink because this sandwich will drip.



6 thoughts on “May 4/365 The Perfect Sandwich

  1. OMG, I agree. And, if the bread is fresh and the tomato perfectly ripe, I can do without the mayo/salad dressing. I think you’re going to like one of my next posts.


  2. This reminds me so much of the sandwiches I used to make for myself as a teen, coming home from a date and starving (because a) we went out for pizza, and I can’t eat pizza, or b) it was embarrassing to eat in front of a boy).


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