October 24/365 Too Many Legs

Creatures should have two legs or four. No more.

If nature had only followed that plan, I would be saved so many phobias! Spiders, even very small ones, raise my blood pressure. Ticks, when I find them traipsing across my shins, cause real panic entirely divorced from the scary diseases they carry. Millipedes unnerve me more than any worm or snake. And do not, please, remind me of the rattling sound of the foot-long centipedes of Pohnpei as they scuttled across the living room floor. Too many hard-cased legs, too many tapping toes! I do not notice the extra legs on butterflies and moths, but then how can anything be seen when they unfurl their wings? I even enjoy them landing on my fingers, weightless. So perhaps they are the exception to my rule, allowed only because beauty excuses so very much.

This summer’s porch resident. I gave her wide berth (her body, for reference, was roughly the size of my thumb to the first knuckle).

3 thoughts on “October 24/365 Too Many Legs

  1. Yes, I agree. More than four legs is unnatural. Though I remember teasing a ranger in SAfrica about his dislike of millipedes. Lions and elephants didn’t scare him. But he wouldn’t pick up a millipede.

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